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Where to go in Caribbean?

My wife and I want to travel some place tropical to have some time away to celebrate our wedding anniversary in January. We live in Wisconsin. Here are our considerations:

We have only traveled to Mexico and the Keys. We do not want to go back to these places as we want something new.

Length Probably about a week.

Somewhere around 5000 – 7000, including flights, would be good.

Travel in January or February

Interests: The most important things we want to experience are the BEST beaches and clear, blue waters. It should be safe. We would like it to be relaxing. No huge parties but some fun is okay. We would like some activities like snorkeling, jet ski, hiking etc. Food and drink quality is some consideration as well.

I have been looking into a number of places. I considered St. Lucia but the beaches do not seem as good as other places. I am thinking either staying at a place near Grace Beach on Turks and Caicos or Exuma, Bahamas. I also considered Aruba staying near Eagle beach.

I hope I gave enough information. If you have specific resorts, hotels or airbnbs I would love feedback!

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