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What is your restaurant/pub’s policy on dogs on the patio?

Disclaimer: I fucking love dogs.

HOWEVER, some patrons have animals that should not be out in public. There has been an alarming uptick in folx bringing ill-behaved canines to dine with them, and a server at my pub was bitten last week. Just last night a server was told by their table that their dog was aggressive, to not approach the table from a certain side, and to hand everything to the head person so they could pass it down and not over the dog. What in the white privilege are some of these people thinking? Being attacked by a dog is not an additional hazard servers need to encounter. I truly don’t think the owners actually consider the cost to them should serious injury occur. Now, I’ve asked guests to leave because [their handling of] their dog was impeding on my ability to do my job (Ex. Lying in the aisle of the patio, jumping up every time someone passes their table). And I have refused to serve others who have an aggressive dog in tow. Is this starting to be a bigger problem for you if your place allows dogs outside?

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