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Visiting Italy Bologna – anniversary

Hello fellow redditors,

I'm visiting Italy, specifically Bologna at the end of august with my boyfriend for our one-year anniversary.

We're staying at a hotel a little bit out of town. And I was searching for some fun things to do. Now we're not the typical sightseeing tourists. We like to be chill, spend some time here and there and overall relax. No rush and having a good time. We love food and an amazing atmosphere.

We're spending 4 days and we would love to go back with of course new memories and lovely pictures.

Is there anything you recommend us to do? For example particularly, I would find it pretty interesting to have a rooftop terrace view somewhere in a restaurant. Strangely enough I can't find anything.

Any advice is welcome, food, drinks, places to visit, somewhere to relax, must see, anything you name it.

Thanks in advance.

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