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ULPT Request: Where can I advertise my unethical side-business?

I manage a small tech startup and as a side hustle I offer work experience, references, and even resume writing assistance for a fee. People don’t actually have to do any work, it’s just something for their resume and LinkedIn profile. This is for students who never got a summer internship (but want to say they did) or people who have been unemployed for too long and need more recent work experience.

My problem is that I haven’t been able to find a good place to advertise. Traditional job posting sites dislike/flag this sort of job post. Subreddits like r/ slavelabor thinks it’s too unethical, even though they initially allowed it. I've thought about using Craigslist but their job posting fee is $50-75 per post for my area. Plus, I expect to get flagged if I describe my services for what they are.

Any suggestions?

Additional info: No, you're not breaking any laws by lying on your resume (in the USA), but obviously it's unethical. However, there's companies out there that do this on a massive scale where for around a thousand dollars they will let you fill up your resume with years of backdated experience at several fake companies. My operation is much smaller. I'm also pretty selective about who I pick. I make sure the person already has skills/past experience in their field or that the position is consistent with their academic major/degree.

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