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ULPT Request: Wanting to keep adobe creative cloud, onedrive and google drive storage when finishing uni.

Asking for a group. they are finishing university this year and have access to the adobe creative suite which gives them access to everything adobe software-wise. but that expires in June.

wondering if there may be an option to start using the creative cloud just before it expires, sign up to the creative cloud at 20 per month using a creative cloud account that has a verified Edu email as 2ndry email and so pays 20 instead of 50 per month.

The uni id cards have an expiry date embossed on them. So even if there is an option to get a new photo taken, it will still have the expiry date on them.

But anyway they could try and keep the one drive and google drive account as one of them does not have the physical storage to store everything, but is looking at getting an external drive as he did say about wanting to build a server for a while using /r/unRAID

they pay 9k a year, and so want to get their money's worth especially with covid.

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