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ULPT REQUEST- I(17F) need to fake staying out late with my school friends to hang out with my other friends

This might not make much sense but my parents don't trust the other group of friends and definitely wouldn't let me go out with them especially late at night.

I was originally going to say I was meeting a group of girls in my year who im not friends with so my parents don't have their numbers and we were going to see a late-night movie. The issue is we have to go to this thing at my school and I'm scared she will speak to their parents and realise they didn't go out with me.

Or I could actually go out with my close friend but earlier on however my parents have their number and will definitely speak to them that night.

What is the best way to lie to my parents without getting caught (I don't have any other outside of school friends than the ones they don't trust)!?

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