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ULPT request: how can I ruin the pub in front of our house?

I (24f) live with my twin brother and our mother (61) in an apartment in the capital of our State. We moved here 17 years ago because it was a quiet and residential neighborhood, but 4 years ago a pub opened right in front of us, and since then life has become hell. We live on the ground floor, so we really get the worst. Drunk people yelling all the time, loud music, trash left everywhere on the side walk, guys peeing in bushes, you get the idea. We tried the legal ways but as often happens they’re not really useful, so I was wondering if there’s something we could do to at least cause them some trouble. They have cameras in the front, so I can’t smash their windows or anything, I’m looking more for stuff like “dead fish under the floor” or shit like that.

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