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ULPT Request: Getting Someone banned from Twitter

So, I’d like a sure fire method of disposing of the digital presence of a woman on Twitter: she is a moderately significant figure in a notable economic movement… but she is, with minimal deep diving, revealed to be an internet whore, and her being a social center of the movement is frankly a public embarrassment because she weaves her own whore marketing into her presence. She is not verified. She disgusts me, she discredits the movement by eliciting fawning from many otherwise reputable men involved without their awareness of her “job” such that the optics are problematic for the cause, and frankly she can’t string together an entertaining sentence. If I can see it any researcher can and her presence is toxic; she has already been thoroughly banned from discord. If she’s going to participate as a public figure she really should have better data hygiene.

I am very well versed in handling these situations in real life, but I’m not much of an internet warrior. How shall I kill her platform and send her back to whore social jail? For context a lot of her content happens in Spaces, so strategies specific to that are especially welcome. I have no conscience, and am content to do what I must here. Will pay if you have a proven service. I’m not in the States, legally speaking.

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