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Traveling to Colombia in 09.2021

Hey friends,

We are planning to visit Colombia in September this year, but are still unsure about the ongoing events, corona etc. I have some questions to you guys out there in Colombia.

1) How hard is the normal daily life restricted because of covid prevention measures? Are restaurant, bars, dive shops etc. open?

2) Do you recommend not visiting Colombia atm because of the demonstrations/political instability?

3) I heard that it is required to wear a mask at any time outside. Does this also count for when you're at the beach? Also in the sea, it should not be necessary, right?

4) How is the weather in September? We were planning to start from Bogota – > Medellin – > Cartagena and Caribian Coast.

Also if you know any youtuber/blogger/influencer, that are in Colombia right now, please let me know.

Thank you so much!

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