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They thought they were gonna pull a sneaky.

I'm BoH, not a server, but I swear this is relevant.

Our establishment has a clear policy: We stop seating at 10pm, and the kitchen is closed at 11pm, no exceptions. No "Oh it's 10:03, we'll let it slide just this once." kinda stuff. The bar is open until 2am, but you will not get any food that isn't a packet of chips or some popcorn after 11.

Yesterday was a crazy rush, from open to close. I don't know why. But everyone within like 20 miles of my store wanted to eat Mexican yesterday. We did 600 covers on a fucking Wednesday. I made almost 2000 tortillas, damn near a record for our store.

So, around 10:20pm, three guys roll in and ask for a table. Hostess tells them that's not possible, but they're welcome to sit at the bar and drink. They don't argue, and proceed over to the bar area. The one guy tries to order a dozen taquitos from the bartender, and is informed that this is simply not possible.

So, at exactly 10:37 (I know this because of security tapes), the three decide to get up from the bar and just go sit at a table. They call a server over, and complain that they've been here for "almost an hour", and no one has taken their order.

The server goes back to grab my boss, who tells her not to take the order. Apparently he had seen the whole thing on the camera feed. When they were confronted with this information, they left without paying for their drinks. They did this right after we told them we had their faces on video.

So now, you didn't get your taquitos, you're banned from our store, and the police are looking for you. Good job being sneaky yall.

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