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Thanks, I Hate It

Hey everyone,

I've posted in this subreddit quite a few times. The last time I was a server/bartender with all the manager duties but with a server's wage. That changed… After an argument one night, I looked for new jobs and I ended up with 4 restaurant manager job offers. I went with the small business (should've went with corporate I think…). So I'm now officially restaurant manager for a month. I hate it… If the owner is not micromanaging me, the servers are getting on my nerves… Always understaffed because the owner pays a really high wage and if I keep them on the floor a bit long I get the shit for it. I help them like crazy (taking tables, running food, making drinks, bussing, handling everything) and then I stay really late doing my manager duties, still they say backhanded stuff, try to confront me on weird things, not doing the things I say at the time frame I ask. I've been overly nice with them, and maybe that's the problem… Today the 20 year old was like "nobody praised me this shift, I was working so hard… everybody was mean", I went WTF?! She literally spilled 4-5 drinks, was not fast doing drinks, did couple of them wrong, did not stock anything, get lost trying to find spirits that are right behind her… I told her welcome to the service industry, nobody will pat you in the back every shift every hour especially when you do not even pay attention or learn. Then the other one goes my drinks can't stay here this long, run them while I literally carrying her table's food to the table. Honestly I've never had a manager that helps that much or being that kind about the same mistakes all the time… It seems like I can't win. I hear "blue giraffe may I" 67 times a shift and sometimes for the dumbest things. They are getting paid $18 an hour and they are still half assing it. Sorry this turned into a rant from your manager kind of situation. I used to manage 15 tables by myself, sit them serve them, bartend them, buss them… I don't say people should do that, they should not. But I'm a little done hearing complaints about the littlest things even… I'll take any advice how to handle the servers …

Thank you

Edit: While doing half of their jobs today I have a sprained ankle….

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