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Taking a short trip to Chicago with a layover in Denver need advice!

I am traveling from Utah and going to Chicago with a 5-6 hour layover in Denver on the way to Chicago. Is there anything I can do in or near the airport that will keep my girlfriend and I occupied for the 5-6 hours outside of regular airport stuff like watch shows, etc.

On the way back, I will fly from Chicago back to Denver and then I do not have a flight home from Denver to Salt Lake City, Utah yet. My friends have told me I can get a cheap one-way flight back home if I just talk to different airlines when I land in Denver. Should I just get the tickets back home right now or would it be worth it to try for cheap tickets on the day of when I land in Denver?

Keep in mind that I would land in Denver on the way back at around 8 AM and we just want to get home that day, but the time does not matter too much for us.

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