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Stuipd karen thought i worked at a the store

This story isn't mine, it's my cousins but i will be talking in first person for this. Let me introduce you to the cast:

Me (my cousin)

karen (star of this)

Nm (nice manager)

Nk (Nice kid)

So i was running out food and thought of heading to a local store (wich i never have been to) and get my food. Once i arrived i entered the shop and grabed a cart and went around the shop when i found karen, she was looking for milk and i was too. Now you guys need to know that employees were wearing blue t-shirts and blue jeans, i was wearing a grey t-shirt and blue jeans too. The karen then started talking:

Karen: Umm hello…. hellooo.

Me: Oh hi, am i in front of you?

Karen: No i need you to get more of the chocolate milk for my sweatheart.

Me: Oh i don't work here.

Nk: Mom he doesn't have the employee clothes.

Karen: Shut up i know he works he, (she looks at me with a death glare) don't you??

Me: No, i don't but you can find another employee.

Karen: Stop lying, i know you work here!

Me: No, i don't now if you want i can get you an emply- (karen cuts me off)

Karen: Go get your manager!

A real employee hears whats happened so he went to get the manager, when the manager appered karen was surprised and then started her hole act

Karen: Manager please fire this man he refuses to work

Manager: Ma'am this man doesn't work here

Karen: Yes he does.

Manager: if he did work here, He would be wearing a blue t-shirt not grey and have the logo of the store and he has a cart next to him.

Karen: well then who is going to get me my chocolate milk for my child?

Manager: we don't sell chocolate milk…

karen: Well you just lost a customer!

Manager: we wont miss you.

That's all my cousin rerembers this story was 2 years ago but my cousin is now 25 years old. Lets hope the my cousin doesn't have to go through that again.

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