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StudentUniverse ‘Card Protection’ Email

Hi everyone.

I booked a flight with StudentUniverse and used a relative's CC to pay. After confirming my booking and having money being taken out of the card, I got an email that goes like:

"In order to make sure everyone is who they say they are and protect both the traveler and cardholder, we need to confirm some information:

  • The cardholder’s phone number and email so we can contact them
  • Color pictures (not scanned) of the front & back portion of the card used in the purchase, with the first 12 digits of the credit card number and the security code covered.
  • A photo of a valid ID showing the card holder’s signature.
  • Valid ID of passenger/s.

Once we’ve confirmed the card information, your reservation will be ticketed at the current rate available."

Has anyone else received this before? I am weary of sending such sensitive information via email.

Thank you

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