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Strange day

Today was odd to say the least. I’ve only been serving for around 1 month, but I have never experienced such a fluctuation of completely rude and nice customers before all in one shift.

For some context I currently work at Olive Garden, and for the most part I feel like I get a lot of nice and indifferent customers. I typically only have around one rude customer a week, but oh boy today was different.

Today I had to deal with multiple customers on both sides of the spectrum. During the beginning of my shift I had around 4 nice families. They did the typically thanking for the great service, tipping well, and etc. From the fourth family and on it all went down hill.

The first rude family had the audacity to TELL me I must be a new server because I was stuttering a little bit during my greeting ( I’ve had a stuttering problem ever since I was little) and their food coming out late. Like no sh*t you’re food came out late it’s a packed Sunday and I’ve other tables to refill soups, salads, breadsticks, and etc.

Literally the next table after them had these two old couples who lacked basic human kindness. They interrupted me during my greeting and just said “chicken parm, eggplant parm, never ending for both, salads for all, and waters”. They did this while not looking at me at all and shoving their menus into my face. I just wrote down their order and left without saying a single word after they cut me off.

And of course the table after that was an old couple who insisted I bring out their food as fast as possible, so they can go home to watch football games. I’ve delt with people like this in the past, and I literally just give them the exact same treatment as I do to all my guest. Like I’m not going screw up my table priority routine in my head. That’s unfair to the other guest, and I just view it as being selfish. If you really need to be somewhere in a time crunch WHY DO YOU GO TO A PACKED RESTAURANT. lol I’m getting heated just typing this, so going back to my story.

My last rude table were these two women, and a child. They were normal guest at first, but their kid kept crying non stop. I personally don’t mind at all because for some reason a kid crying doesn’t annoy me, but they must have been pretty mad about it. I wasn’t there when this happened, but apparently when I was in the kitchen making soups and stuff they were being very abusive to their kid. The hostess described it as hitting their kid really hard multiple times, and yelling at him in his face. They must have been embarrassed because after this happened they got up and left, but called the restaurant and asked the hostess to make their entire meal to go and deliver their food to their car outside. They still tipped me pretty decently, but that whole situation was just strange.

Thankfully after these four tables, I had two extremely nice family. I was having a genuine fun conversation with them and they both tipped really well. Overall I had a good day, but the change from being completely pissed off to caught off guard then to being happy in a couple of hours isn’t something I’ve experienced to this extreme in the industry before.

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