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Seating my own tables, table service, bussing, taking phone calls, doing to go’s all at the same time

Help, I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed at my workplace.

I'm a newbie server often doing all of the above in one shift and I'm crashing and burning. I've been trying so hard to multitask but it's very difficult for me to keep my head above water when I'm waiting on tables, taking calls as they come, greeting people as they walk in, and boxing/bagging/running carryout orders by myself.
At the beginning when it's a slow buildup, I can keep up. Now when I get several calls, people coming in, and food to carry out all at once, shit goes to hell. Sometimes it's multiple tables coming in at once right after we open, which is delightful.

If any of you were in my shoes, what would you do? Any advice for prioritizing tasks so things can run somewhat smoothly?
Also, is this a regular occurrence to anyone? Do you think this is even reasonable/doable to throw on a new server much less a seasoned one?

Thank you, all I can't sleep – I've been so stressed and dread going to work most days.

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