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Quick story about a rude delivery driver

Here is a story my hair stylist told me.

So I share a 1-chair salon studio with this other girl. I work M,W,F and she works Tu,Th,Sat. It was a Wednesday at noon and I was at work, she was at her house which is like 2 minutes away from the studio. I was with a client and this delivery driver comes in. I hadn't ordered anything. He barges in and says "FOR MARY?" And I'm like No. He gets all upset and asks where is Mary. And I'm like well she lives down the street and she probably clicked her work address instead of her home address. He demanded that I call her. I'm like 'Dude I'm with a client right now and this is not my problem." So he gets all upset and so fine, I call her and ask if she ordered food delivery and she's like Ohhh shitt and then I tell the guy and he's all pissed at me, like it's my problem, and I'm like Dude I'm with a client I don't have time to deal with this, get outta here, so he leaves.

I said, "It was door dash, wasn't it?"

She's like "HOW DID YOU KNOW?!"

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