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Price comparison World VS Serbia

Hello everyone, my name is Leo and I am from Serbia.

I want to make a video comparing prices in my country vs prices in the world.

Since Serbia has low GDP and low living standards, as well as average salary(400 – 500 $ Netto), prices here are significantly lower than western standards.

I have seen a lot of digital nomads coming to Serbia because mostly two things:

  1. Really good life in Serbia with even average western salary
  2. With all of this situation, Serbia is still open for tourists, for most countries you don't need a visa and I think you can stay here 90 days ( I will check if someone needs this information )

So I need your help to make this video.

Comment here prices that you are interested in from Serbia and it would be nice if you tell me the price in your country(image or website screenshot would be awesome)

If mods approve I will later share the video here.

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