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People are the absolute worst

Alright this is a rant but I need to get it out somewhere. I’m a Barback at a popular higher end steak house, the barbacks are there three hours before the bartenders get there and are the last ones to leave. Typically I work 9-13 hours every shift.

Today was one of the slowest days in history. We have a 30 seat bar and at max there was 6 people there at a time. We close at 10 on sundays, and from 7:30-9:30 there was only one person at the bar and two tables at actual tables, of course, you guessed it: 2 people come in and sit down at 9:30. Come to find out they are actually close friends of the closing manager- and my manager wants to give them the whole shebang experience.

They order oysters, steaks, lobster tail, sides and dessert. After the first round of oysters they want more, so they are still munching on oysters by the time it hits 10. 10:05 the other tables are gone and it’s just them, my bartender, three chefs, one food runner and me. We are all pissed as shit.

I was finished with all my closing shit by 10:15. They haven’t even gotten dinner yet. By 10:35 we are boxing up their food which they took three bites out of. They get dessert and take two bites- my manager bought them a round of champagne which went untouched. And they leave at 11:05 only to knock on our locked door that they thought they forgot shit.

A night I should’ve left at 10:15 I’m leaving at 11:30 because these assholes decided they just wanted to ruin the fuck out of my night. Alll I can say is I will never understand people who come in and want it all (I literally had to towel towel service them with our already cleaned out towel machines bc it was expected after we were closed) and just sit around in an empty restaurant where the sad employees left are sitting on their phones waiting for you to leave. Thanks for listening if you made it this far

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