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Out of state travel to CA, question about hotels

I am currently in visiting home and working remote, but work is based in SoCal and I used to live there (my lease ended and I didn’t sign a new one or move). All of my stuff is in storage in CA. That being said, I need to travel to CA and take my citizenship test that has been scheduled. I booked flights, but I need to stay at a hotel overnight. With the new stay at home order, I have a question about how hotels are handling reservations. I booked 1 night at a Marriott, I called and asked if they are canceling reservations and they said no. Has anyone stayed at a Marriott recently? Do they require you to prove that you’re out of state or prove that you are an essential worker or sign any paperwork? I know that I shouldn’t be traveling, but I really need my citizenship for my job and now with no real home of my own, I can’t transfer my case. What I’m really looking for is to hear someone’s recent experience if they’ve stayed at a Marriott hotel after the stay at home order was enacted.

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