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Our busser got fucked over …

So here’s the story … a young busser we have who is very very good at his job, was bussing a table tonight, found an expensive pair of sun glasses on his table, so he put them in his apron. It was a busy shift and he says he forgot about them, so at one point he realized they had broken in his apron. So he threw them away. Later in the evening, the family came back and asked about them. The busser told them and my manager what happened. Now this is where shit gets fucked up, the family started demanding payment for said glasses and my manager forcefully insisted that the busser, and we all know that bussers compares to servers and bartenders don’t make very much, pay the family $120 out of his own pocket. Then the busser worked the rest of his shift and then at the end of the night my manager fired him for “stealing”. This kid was in tears. His story, which I believe 100% is that he put them in his apron to turn them in and forgot about them as one does when you are busy, and they broke in his apron. You know how many times I’ve found shit and put it aside or in a pocket and totally forgot until hours later someone asked me about it ? I truly feel like this was illegal for her (the manager) to force him to pay $120 out of pocket. Thoughts on this my fellow industry workers ?

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