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Option to Co-Own My Job

Hey everyone!

I (22M) am a full time self defense instructor. The studio I'm a part of is a newer studio, but I've been trained by/teaching with the owner at our original school where I started almost 7 years ago.

I've taught with this studio since before it was a brick and mortar location. Right now I'm just an instructor, but I also help plan events and seminars (which she compensates me for my time as well as mileage to the studio).

Since the studio's doing well, my boss (the owner of the studio) wants to move both of us to salary which would come with increased responsibilities. Since this is my full time job, I don't mind more responsibilities.

I also have the option to buy shares in the studio and we've talked about co-owning. I trust her, I believe in the studio, and we've had some awesome growth. She actively participates in networking meetings as well as business coaching and implements them to the benefit of the business. Thoughts or advice?


I have the option to co-own the studio where I work, and take a salaried position. Thoughts or advice?

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