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Okay, I’m making myself more clear about my vision for Ocean Liner travel

I feel as if I wasn’t actually making my point as well as I wanted too, Most of this is taken from a comment I made on the previous post I made, I’m making a better post to better convey my idea in a more stable way.

Oh, and once again. What many people do NOT know, is that cruise ships are NOT ocean liners, liners only travel back and for and are built for rough seas, and cruise ships hang around in ports more often, are built primarily for pleasure and calmer waters.

Okay, let me clear up my vision here.

I’ve been thinking up this idea in my head for a long while now, and I feel as if ocean liners had more investment in speed and eco-friendly aspects, I think we could cut down on emissions.

Let me explain –

The average plane can carry about 138 seats

Some ocean liners can carry up to 3,000 or so people, like a large portion of cruise ships can.

If there were some sort of way to plausibly make a ship move at a speed of 65-70 knots, install solar panels on parts of the uppermost deck to cut down on emissions, design the ship more for transatlantic crossing like traditional crossings (unlike cruise ships), and make tickets for general crossings cheap enough without outrunning operation costs, I think one could possibly help take about 21-22 planes out of the air and cut down general emissions by a little, even if the travel time is slower than preferred.

Removing balcony cabins can dissuade people from throwing trash into the ocean, and adding in indoor sewage treatment plants and tanks for said sewage instead of dumping it into the oceans could help with general pollution issues.

Reintroducing sails like older liners had could help cut down on the general emissions caused by ships and help save on fuel which slows down the draining of non-reusable resources – (I got this idea thanks to someone bringing up a helpful critique in the last post stating that ships have 4 times the emissions than planes do, so I came up with the sail Idea to help with that glaring issue).

I’ve tried my best to restate and reform my point with info I was able to find, google sees ocean liner as cruise ships so it’s hard to find direct info on emissions made by ocean liners specifically (Thanks Titanic).

What do you all think?

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