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Nice lady mistakes me for an employee

Long time reader, first time poster. I (24M) never thought in a million years that this might happen to me. This happened yesterday.

I had just got out of the office and decided to head down to Wallymart to get a few small things. As I'm wandering through the store with a couple small items (sticky notes, pens, etc.) clutched in one hand a older lady walks up to me and says "Do you know where I can find ___?" We just stare at each other for half a second before she goes "You don't work here do you?" to which I politely respond "No I don't, sorry." She thought that the items I was holding kind of looked like one of those scan guns that an employee would have to scan the items on the shelves. We parted ways after laughing it off. She was very nice after realizing her mistake.

For context, I was wearing a blue polo and khakis, so I could see where the confusion could happen.

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