Thursday, April 22News That Matters

Neither one of us work here lady!

I was doing merchandising job at a store that wear blue vests and I ran across this other merchandiser standing in his usual spot every time (once a week) I visit the store. We befriended each other and would stand and talk a few minutes. I never took breaks so this was kind of like a break for me. Well, this elderly lady comes asks us a question about where something was. Before I could say anything, he just ripped off a very rude comment to her. I stood there kind of shocked. While I'll tell them I'm not an employee there, I try to always be polite about it. Before I could even react, he took off in one direction and she turned around and headed toward the front.

So I'm just standing there alone when it hits me that if she comes back with a manager, she's going to point to me because I was standing there when it happened. It's been a while so I don't remember where I went but it was either on the other side of the store or I left the store. I never saw that merchandiser in the store again. It's possible they went back and looked at tapes. Either way, I didn't get in trouble for it.

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