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Need suggestions for a hotel focusing total relaxation

My wife is pregnant, and maybe it is our last chance to make a vacation with total relaxation for a long time.

We live in germany, and have no specific country in mind – but, as we are muslims, its important that the hotel is in a muslim country; because of the food (halal – comparable to "kosher").

We have no fixed limits, but should not be much more expensive than 5.000€ in total (all inclusive). We plan to travel in mid-november.

What we want:

  • Sunny (for vitamin d)
  • Nice room, with a good tv, wifi, … luxury room is preffered
  • Nice food, one of the main reasons!
  • Beach with a sea is bonus, not must need
  • We dont need any wellness-options in which other people are included
  • Nice atmosphere, nice staff
  • No parties, no kids, no "action", only full relaxation

For example, we visited Tilal Liwa, its in the middle of the desert, a small hotel. But it was so good, we really coule relaxe there totally. Something like that: but only better.

Anyone there able to suggest me something in the direction?!

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