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So this story takes place in the early two thousands at a certain electronic chain known for their blue and yellow color scheme. I had a tradition when I was in college that whenever I got an A on a test I would treat myself t a DVD. Now back in those days there was no streaming services and I didn't have cable, so buying season sets was the only way to watch certain shows, the only question I had was which show to buy today. I was browsing the DVD section pondering that question when I heard it: the infamous sound that could only be attributed to an annoyed Karen wanting assistance. I stepped to the side muttering sorry as I continued to read the back of a DVD box, but she didn't want to get to the shelf, she wanted me to pay attention to her.

"What are you doing? I need your help" she said.

"Excuse me?" I replied not comprehending what was happening.

What followed was the usual back and forth with her accusing me of being lazy and working at this store despite the fact I was wearing a green shirt, and me continuing to protest that I was not an employee. Finally she said it: "I want to speak to your manager, what is your name?"

Me being sarcastic "Taylor Swift"

"Alright Taylor, let's see how you enjoy unemployment" she said spinning on her heel and heading for the customer service desk.

Smiling I walked right out of the store without my DVD, disappointing, but imagining the scene of the oblivious and crazy woman demanding that Taylor Swift get fired from an electronic store was more entertaining than anything I could have bought that day.

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