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my first big table was lost.

this is a rant, and it’s really not anyone’s fault. I’m just really frustrated.

I’m new at my restaurant – I’ve been on my own for about 3 weeks, making my own money with my own tables. I’ve worked only lunch shifts (this is a fine dining place, we have to train more to work dinner shifts – also it’s my first serving job ever). the only time you don’t have to retrain for dinner shifts is if they happen to be desperate, ask you to double, and you do well filling in for dinner. I was asked once on a night that I had class. Ive been trying to show that I’m ready for dinner since.

anyway, it’s obvious that lunch shifts bring in less money than dinner. less alcohol, less desserts, quicker meals rather than longer experiences, etc. today I had been getting really bad tips, but 30 minutes before the end of my shift, I was sat with a 4-top. my side work was done, I had nothing to do so I was happy to take it. I greet them, and long story short their tab is at $200 before entrees and desserts. I was super excited and sharing with my coworkers – by the way, everyone at my restaurant is so nice and supportive. I love everyone there, and I love working there.

anyway, I was starting to get worried that I was gonna lose the table at turnover since it was approaching dinner time. my coworkers let me know that if entrees were entered at turnover, the two servers typically split the tip (or some more generous servers give the whole tip to the original server). doing my best not to hover, I tried getting the tables entree order, but they wanted to take their time, which is fine. 10 minutes before turnover, I check who is taking my section – one of the coworkers I was talking to about this table. she is doubling, so when I tell her she’s taking my section, she cheers for herself and initiates the table transfer right then and there before my shift is even over. I ask her about possibly splitting the tip, since I was going to take my chance to check in with them. I tried to ask to go check in with them one last time, maybe to get that entree order, and she said no. she then goes to the table, takes their entree order, and enters it before my shift ends.

“sorry, the tip splitting rule is only if the entree orders are already in.”

okay, cool I guess. I understand this is fair and technically by the rules, but it still felt shitty after I was super excited about it and telling her about it (which is something we do frequently, not in a bragging way).

she then got annoyed that she was in my section (the “bottom” section) and said “well, this is probably the best tip I’m getting all night so I don’t want to give it up”

imagine how it was being in that section for the whole lunch shift?

you can follow the rules and not be a bitch about it. if she had responded a little differently I wouldn’t be so annoyed. I’m just frustrated because I was really excited. I know I’ll get those big tables soon, I just wanted to rant.

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