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Men are as self-conscious about being looked at as perverts/creepers at the same level that women are self conscious about their bodies and being objectified.

Something I notice more and more the older I get is that there is a completely different level of treatment given to men who are on their own vs women who on their own. Men are, if anything, avoided and basically treated like they have a deep potential for engaging in sexually motivated advances off rip. I think this is because it's popular to believe in the idea that men are constantly thinking about sex, wanting sex, or demonstrate actions motivated by getting sex, thus eliminating the idea for women that man can have reasonable interactions with a women.

Point overall being: It's not fun to be looked at like you are just some sex monster the same way it's not fun to be looked at like you are a sex object. Men have to deal with being looked at and treated this way, like we are dangerous, while trying to have normal lives and the negative effects that has on them get's swept under the rug by society in general because men are treated like they are expendable.

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