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Maine Trip Recommendations?

My boyfriend and I are going to Maine towards the end of this month. We are flying into Portland and driving up to Bar Harbor, spending time there, and planning to spend a day in Acadia National Park. Other than those two major things, we haven’t solidified any other plans.

Help me answer any of these questions below!

1 I am a huge fan of peonies and I found out that peonies are in bloom in Maine around this time? Are there any great farms/nurseries along this route where we could see some?

2 What are your best restaurant recs? We want a lot of lobster!

3 What is a really cool but non-touristy thing you would recommend?

4 I always like to get a good local coffee (I’m a mocha fan). What place is the best around Bar Harbor?

5 Unspecific recommendation (recommend anything you think is really important!)

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