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LPT To avoid jealousy, stop quantifying yourself

Till the time you have any kind of estimation of yourself, you will compare. Do you have any estimation? ‘Such is my height, such is my worth, so many marks do I get, this is the amount of money that I earn.’ Till the time there is any bit of identification with this, till the time you have taken yourself as a quantity that can be measured, estimated, a number that can be attached to yourself, there is bound to be comparison, because numbers are meant to be compared.

And where there is comparison, there is jealousy. Jealousy is nothing but the feeling to have a higher number. ‘I need to have a higher number.’ And you will always want a higher number till the time there is a number that is important to you. If your salary figure is important to you, you cannot avoid feeling jealous of someone who earns more than you. If your percentage of marks is important to you, you will not be able to avoid being jealous of someone who has a higher percentage.

Everything that is quantifiable, that can be put in numbers, is a source of jealousy. Don’t take the numbers seriously. In the finite, there is jealousy. In the infinite there can no jealousy.

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