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LPT request: my neighbor is super noisy especially in the morning. I moved to this house around 1.5 month and i swear i haven’t had a good sleep since then.

My neighbors who live right above me in one floor, wakes up very early, and i dont know how they manage to also sleep late.

In the morning, everyday i wake up whether it be on their foot steps, or the sound of moving/ fixing stuff around the house, or their voices from the balcony. I can hear a driller at 8 AM in the morning. Thats totally normal for them.

They don't miss a day! Not even Sundays! Actually sundays are worse, cause they'd have their family visiting and you can hear the grand kids running around the house shouting, crying, etc…

At night, they have a terrace right above my bedroom, and i clearly hear their voices and their laughs.

They are not people whom i can talk with, especially that the owner of the house whom i rented the house from, has a long bad history with them, so i doubt talking to them can help.

By the way, they are two old people but they're pretty active. The lady cleans her house everyday, and i can hear the old man's voice talking over the phone and letting the whole neighbourhood know that he woke up at 6:30 AM today. Shouting is the normal voice tone he has.

Ear plugs aren't helping, i can still hear their footsteps and the noise of moving stuff around the house. This is how i actually wake up every morning.


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