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LPT: Get a Second Email Account For Spam Avoidance / Junk Mail

Get a free second email account (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) Whenever a website or app wants you to "confirm your email," give them the spam email address. Go there, click on the link to confirm the site registration, or otherwise get the info you need, then log off. When the site sends more junk mail it goes into the spam account. It's a great place for e-subscriptions and notifications as well.

Drop into the spam account on occasion to review the mail for anything of interest and delete the dross; your main email account will be crap free. My spam account gets ~50 emails a day after seven years of use, where I might see one a week in my main account Inbox.

Last, don't click unsubscribe links in spam mail sent to your main account. That confirms your address is live and you'll get a lot more garbage email. Use rules to divert crap mail direct to the trash or a sub-folder for review.

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