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Loud table

I had a table last Saturday, party of 6, in their late 20s probably. Super cool but super obnoxious. If they were a bar side table it would of been totally fine. But they sat in the dining room. From the get go, they were so loud. It’s toward the end of the night so it was slow and wasn’t that big of a deal, and my other tables around them didn’t complain. But I felt bad for them, our whole dining room was pretty much open at this point but one other table was super close to them. Without them complaining, I still went to them and apologized about the noise. They hadn’t ordered yet so I told them I could easily move them into a quieter part of the dining room. They graciously declined. Time went by and the other table was drinking pretty heavily and was getting louder and louder, despite me mentioning to them nicely that they are in our dining room and to keep it down a bit and to chill with the profanity. (The obnoxious table was super understanding and weren’t mad I mentioned it to them but it didn’t really work, they were drinking and you know how that goes…) The table close to them ordered but hadn’t got there food yet, so me still feeling bad, mentioned to them again that we have space open and we can move you before they get their food. They still declined graciously and were fine with it, surprisingly to me with how obnoxious they were. So nothing really changed, and then the smaller table close to them paid, and when I went to pick up the $120 check, they left a total of $200 so an $80 tip. I’m not sure if it was because I was so concerned about their experience and wished for them a nice quiet dinner, or they were just traditionally really good tippers, but I feel I should put them on here and thank them because as we all know, other tables would of reemed our asses off on how “disrespectful and obnoxious” the party was being.

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