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Linking a business owner with an investor, what should I ask out of the deal?

Hello, hope everyone who reads this is having a great week!! So, I have a friend who has a business in a different country. I don't know much of the numbers, and I'm going to assume it's not profitable yet. He's looking for investors for his company to gain some capitol to grow. I have a client that is interested in maybe investing. Now, I would like obtain some type of financial gain from linking the two. Something fair that obviously would be worked out between all of us. I'm not sure how I can position this and present to both parties. Would this be consultant fee? Finders fee? I only hold an insurance producers license, so I don't have any type business licenses, or anything else that I can leverage. I'm just a guy trying to gain something from linking a potential business deal, and I would would like a fair piece for my service.

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