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Japan wasn’t a victim of WW2 and it’s annoying when people act like they were.

Disclaimer: I love Japan, its culture and people. They’ve built a beautiful, peaceful nation. However, during WW2 they were the bad guys. No other way around it. The Japanese army committed some of the worst atrocities in human history during WW2. In some cases, even the Nazis were shocked by their brutality. In Nanking they killed 300,000 men, women and children in some of the most savage ways imaginable. Buried people alive, forced sons to rape their mothers in front of their families, threw babies into the air to catch them on bayonets. They had a biological warfare program called Unit 731 where POWs were dissected while still alive. In total, they killed more people than the Nazis did in the Holocaust. Yet somehow because in the end they had 2 nukes dropped on their cities people think they’re somehow the victim? No, not all. I agree the atomic bombings were a war crime as well, but in online discussions about WW2, the A-bombings are often the only thing that’s talked about. The atomic bombings don’t erase the fact that Japan was the main aggressor in the war along with Germany, or that Japan had an atomic weapons program themselves and would’ve used them with glee had they built them first. End of rant.

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