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It’s rather odd

Background I work in a fast food (ish) restaurant it’s not unhealthy but it’s some sort of station with vegetables and falafel, you either create your own bowl or choose from our extensive menu.

We have the local equivalent of uber eats and it’s free delivery week so we get around 30 orders per hour and we are three people working because of the pandemic cutbacks. I agree we are a bit overwhelmed but we manage. Currently we only do walk-in takeaways or uber eats orders.

Story Karen comes in and looks at the menu and I thought great by the time she makes a decision, I can package the food for our delivery order. I finish it in up to 2 minutes tops write the number and put it on the table for the order to be picked up and then straight after go to karen and say:

Me: Hi! How can I help you? Karen: why do you do this? Me: I’m sorry? Do what? Karen: finish what you have to do and THEN come to me. I’m a paying customer who took the time to come here and I think what you do is rather odd. Me: I’m sorry ma’am as you can see we’re rather busy I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Karen: whatever I’ll have the superfood bowl. And make it quick I/u/ have somewhere else to be.

My god how entitled can you be? Everyone is a paying customer. I understand that I should prioritize her but two minutes???

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