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Is it still easy to meet people in Spain?

I am thinking about going to Barcelona and possibly Seville in early November. I have done a few solo trips before (48 hrs in Stockholm, some places in the US) and was wondering if it was still easy to meet people in the current times? I like to walk around, get drinks, and talk to people. Through that I find I get out of the typical touristy stuff and have a sense of community in the new place. I am planning on staying in hostels, although I have had poor experiences with hostels in terms of meeting people before. I'm also an introvert, so solo-traveling has been a way for me to get out of my comfort zone :).

I know clubs are currently closed in Spain, but is the nightlife scene still active in other areas (bars, silent discos, etc.)?

Also, would the nude beaches essentially be closed due to weather?

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