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I’m not your drug dealer

First time posting. English IS my first language, but grammar may be off because I'm not getting graded on this (so I don't really care).

In the early 00's I had my first apartment above a pizza place and right next to a bar.

Because it was downtown, it (the apartments part of the building) was actually a security building where you had to "buzz" to get up if you didn't live there.

This was great, at first, because we didn't have random drunk people wandering the halls etc, but after about a year some new people moved in across the hall. They started getting "guests" at all hours of the day and night and these "guests" would press whatever button they felt like (or possibly all of them) to get let up instead of buzzing the apartment they actually wanted.

We knew it was the apartment across the hall because when we'd tell them they had the wrong apartment and not buzz them in, we'd hear footsteps tromping past our door a few minutes later… So they either picked the right button the second time or one of the other neighbors would blindly let them in.

One night, about 3am, we get a buzz…at least the second one that night, and I was fed up. I picked up the receiver and screamed into it "Do you know what the F time it is?!"

There was a very sheepish "sorry" and a guy explaining that he's looking for [name of neighbor]…I calmed down a little and told him he had the wrong apartment and hung up.

There were fewer buzzes after that and things were 'okay' for a while until one day we hear big boots storming up the stairs, a bang, and a big booming voice (probably with a loud speaker) saying "everyone on the ground"… We stayed super quiet in our apartment until everything was over…it turns out that apartment was a meth lab, and we overheard the police raid. A few days later we saw the eviction notice for that apartment for the "health and safety" of the other tenants.

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