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If toxic masculinity is a thing, so is toxic femininity

If you think men’s problems such as not allowing for emotional vulnerability or douchy aggression deserves to be labeled as toxic masculinity, then things like venting emotions or complaining to a point where it is unhealthy and gossiping/being passive aggressive or emotionally manipulative are traits of toxic femininity.

I think it would be more equal for society to have a label for women’s problems since there is one for men’s.

Edit: Men and women both have problems, but I find society seems to have a problem criticizing the problems women have or that could generally be more common in female communities. If men can be criticized for their faults (which is something I believe people should do) women should be too. Our society needs to learn how to take responsibility without getting offended.

If we learn to criticize both men and women in a healthy way, maybe one day we’ll have less narcissistic Karens who seem to be a very popular stereotype these days.

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