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I blasted some dude in the head with a door on accident.

I'm going to do my best to paint a picture and try not to ramble too much, but no guarantees. I serve at a winery. We get busy and we do private events. A few Sundays I was doing a bridal shower in our Hummingbird room, right next to the main dining room. My event went fine. They left around 4 or 5 pm and I was cleaning the Hummingbird room.

The layout of my winery–We have a main dining area and the Hummingbird room right off to the side. On the opposite end is the main lobby and there's another room over there we use for private parties. I'll call it the Dodo room. When the dining room fills up, we seat the Hummingbird room and when that fills up as well, we'll seat in the Dodo room. We also have a huge patio and like, 2 other attachments to the deck, but this day it was raining. Also, there's a door in the Dodo room that leads to dry storage, which is also accessible through the kitchen cooler.

If I'm making sense, great. It's big. So I finished up my party and I was cleaning the room up, completely oblivious as to what was happening in the rest of the restaurant. I walked to dry storage through the kitchen to put some things away and walked out through the Dodo room, where coincidentally there was a table seated directly behind that door unbeknownst to me.

I had NO idea they were seating in that room!!!! I didn't realize the dining room filled up and they didn't seat in the other room because I was still cleaning it!!! I blasted this dude in the head with the door. They laughed about it. Apparently that happened immediately after he mentioned being uncomfortable sitting near that door. True story we take the long way if there's people in that room. But my dumbass didn't think of it that day–Seating in this room is rare.

I found out who their server was and they were joking about ibuprofen with him and apparently wanted to cover his head with ketchup and have me walk into the room. I felt so bad I got lucky they were cool about it.

Later on, I was carrying a case of wine up the stairs from our cellar and his friend jokingly shut the door on me (He opened it after and laughed at me again for hitting his friend with the door). Might not live this one down, but those are the events leading to me hitting some dude in the head with the door.

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