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I am not responsible for your food not being delivered in a reasonable timeframe

So over the last week alone (and several times before that!) I have had about a half dozen calls at the restaurant about people’s food being cold or being delivered WAY after the order was put in. I’m pretty much on autopilot now, but it’s getting pretty annoying to be constantly telling people that I am not responsible for this. If you’re ordering from a restaurant on uber eats or menulog or deliveroo, i can pretty much guarantee that your issue is not with the restaurant, but with the app you ordered from. It’s the restaurant’s job to prepare and package the food, not deliver it to you. I am so sick of being told “you need to do something about this!” Or “it’s on you guys that my food is stone cold!”

No mate, I’m sorry but it’s really not. I can’t take a complaint about this delivery order because there is nothing we can do about your food being delivered so late. We made it, bagged it and handed it over when the driver came to pick it up. We met our end of the deal. Please feel free to take it up with the delivery app. We don’t like seeing your order sit there under the heat lamp just as much as you don’t like seeing the estimated delivery time get later and later. Please, if you want your food in a reasonable amount of time go to the restaurant yourself, don’t rely on people picking up your food in a reasonable timeframe, because at this point it’s almost guaranteed that they won’t.

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