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Here’s how much money I made off reflections in 3 months and how much I lost due to 20% reflection fee. is reflections a pro or con and have you beneifited from them?

Critique is welcome but attacking me calling me stupid and clueless doesn’t support you’re argument with my post, if you disagree come prepared with research and facts instead of a biased based hatred for posts that go against your narrative of safemoon reflections being revolutionary

Ps I’m long on safemoon but have a strong disagreement with reflections have all at sending me why you disagree but pls don’t downvote me into oblivion

I’ll start off with mentioning I purchased about 1000$usd of safemoon worth 3b tokens , after holding for 3 months I accumulated 3.3billion tokens after reflections

This gave me an increased position of approximately 10% …. but my entry fee was 10% and exit fee 10% so I lost 20% due to tokenomics but tokenomics gave me a 10% larger position.

Simple math explains that I’m losing but many would love to argue that I was a short terms holder and I really wasn’t initially but after many red flags I became short positioned , if I had held my coins for longer term I’d be down another 60% making the reflections I would’ve revived if I had held long term not even close to value of loss

I managed to cashout 25,000 usd which was great but if I had not received those reflections I would’ve cashed out over 29,000$ … (not including the .3billion coins in reflections

If the point has not became blatantly obvious someone who got in earlier then me benefited off of my reflections

Disclaimer this is a simple comparison without deep ness to it. I haven’t even factored in the amount of exposure and incentive that reflections gives to the selling pressure of the whales that hold my coin they were very likely dumping their reflections non stop and the whales could technically live off of safemoon reflections for life like an infinite money glitch until the price falls insanely , if you are a whale holding 1m$ plus all the statement above a have benefited you but if you’re a small holder like me and many others you’re losing a lot because of these things called reflections

Has the community even had any day if we agree with reflections ? If someone who benefited off of reflections post your entry points, exit point and how many reflections you recieved in reflections , deduct that value of said amount of reflections you recieved from the amount that the 20% fee would’ve saved you and you’ll hVe you’re answer I’m sure 90% of us have defintely lost

Disclaimer if you’re holding over 300kusd in safemoon you’re likely on the benefited side of reflections and everything listed above has benefited you

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