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Grandpa on steroids

So i’m f(16) and boy do I have some horror stories from my job as a server/host at the restaurant I just quit, but i thought this would be the best to share first.

It was the average slow start of a Saturday afternoon, my brother J (who also worked for this restaurant ) my favorite bartender E(21f) and I were just doing some extra cleaning as you do when there is nothing else going on in the restaurant when two older men came in to sit in the bar. GS(Grandpa on steroids) and his friend CF(creepy friend) came in and sat at our center bar table. The reason I titled him Grandpa on steroids was because he was 74 years old, jacked, and looked like he wasn’t over 40. We all made small talk with them and they were friendly and decent enough, at first. They both ordered a peaky blinder (perfect manhattan infused with tobacco smoke.) GS was talking to us and telling us about how he’s from across the water and was visiting his CF for the weekend to catch up after not seeing him for awhile, and that they hadn’t been to the restaurant since it was still under old management.

At this point i had excused myself to go finish reorganizing the server cabinet, wiping down menus, and what not. Now this is where things start to get weird. I walked back into the bar to go ask E a question when GS asked how old i was, and then commented on my eyes and my freckles and how pretty and cute they were. I have very large light green eyes so it’s not an uncommon compliment i get so i didn’t think much of it, as for the freckles, they were fake so I started a conversation about that. He then said “well they look amazing on your already gorgeous face.” This made me very uncomfortable, so I told E and J i was going to go across the street while we were still dead for an energy drink.

When I got back i was leaned against the bar talking to emma while I watched CF pretend to slap my ass to the beat of the song in the giant mirror behind the liquor. I immediately moved behind the bar to drink the last sip of my drink and toss my can when GS said “man if she’s really 16 im going to jail.” I immediately left the bar after that. After i didn’t return to the bar, GS decided to come and look for me. I was at my hostess station on the phone when he grabbed my arm and when i jerked away, he placed his hand on my ass and told me i was doing a great job.

My brother saw this happen and told him to go back to the bar, take care of his check and leave. GS and CF were very upset and made sure to voice their complaints about the shitty customer service and drink loud enough for all our tables to hear while my brother rang them up and walked them out of the restaurant.

The sexual harassment I dealt with at that restaurant will never be worth the tips.

TLDR: Jacked grandpa and his creepy friend sexually harassed me (16f) in the bar.

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