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Entitled lady had the wrong restaurant

I think about this story from time to time and still get a good giggle every time. I had just started working as a host at this restaurant in my college town – great food and the chef was a James Beard award winning chef. It was parent’s weekend so we were pretty full with reservations and this lady comes up to me, tells me she had just called and made a reservation with us, and had driven hours just to eat here (red flag #1 bc I had received no calls from a lady matching her name). I start asking her questions and ask who she spoke to and she tells me “I just talked to the bartender, he said the wait was 20 minutes and y’all had room at the bar” (our bar seating was closed due to Covid) so I said “ma’am, are you sure you called the right place?”. She’s visibly irritated with me and shoves her phone in my face and says “is this y’all’s number?” And I say “well, I just started working here so I don’t know our number by heart”. She looks at me all smug and says “let’s call and see” and at this point we’re just staring at each other and I’m low key about to shit myself bc I’m hoping the phone doesn’t start ringing in my hands. LOW AND BEHOLD, I hear the other line pick up and it’s a restaurant across town! Never felt so satisfied in my life – she couldn’t even look me in the eye.

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