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Dodged a potential lawsuit/jail time

Let me explain.I used to work at one of the largest retail store companies in the world. think of national lampoon vacation for the name. Well one day at work I walk past a mother and her young son and she stops me. She starts to ask me if I would take her son in the men's room for her so he can go to the bathroom. I just stare at her thinking did I just hear her right. She then proceeds to ask me again. She further explains that he won't go into the ladies room and please if I would just go in with him. Alarms are going off in my head and all I can think is "It's a Trap!" Now this kid was wearing big overalls and his mother adds in that he has a hard time with the buttons so I would have to help him. Now this screams set up to me. Thst if I would have said yes I'd be accused of sexualy abusing her child. Which could have had the store sued me sued and worse arrested. So I tell her I can't and won't do that and she would need to find another solution.

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