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Desperately need advice


I have lived in Italy for the past 5 years and my girlfriend and I have decided to move back to the UK for family reasons, the problem? We have two cats, so far I have sent quotes off to numerous pet courier companies for the airport stuff but they have quoted us absolutely insane rates, upwards of 3000 Euro, it apparently costs literally three times as much to move two 5kilo cats than it did for us to hire a van and move literally all of our belongings. Now you may ask, why go through a courier? Because British airways ONLY allow you to book pets on flights through courier and not as an individual, and guess what? British Airways are the ONLY airline that apparently takes pets into the UK from Northern Italy(no moneymaking scam here amiright?), I literally checked every single airline that does direct flights, the UK also doesn't allow pets to be kept in the cabin upon arrival, no matter how small, so I am forced to store them in the hold.

I have two questions if anyone can provide some insight

  1. Does anyone know any alternatives for transporting pets from Italy to the UK by flight other than using a courier? Any kind of workaround that I am missing? Or an alternative that we may not have thought of?
  2. If I were to hire a driver and drive through Italy and France with them through the Channel Tunnel, what kind of restrictions, testing, or paperwork do I need to sort out? Rules for traveling between EU countries by car at the moment are……vague, I haven't been able to find a definite answer, all I know is commercial transit is less impeded so we figured that was the best option (Plus I do not own a car).

I still have two months before the move but I obviously have gotten the ball rolling and I want to sort everything out ASAP, pretty much everything else is sorted from my job to everything else, the bloody cats are the only roadblock right now, I just find it insane that it apparently costs so much to fly with a cat, there has got to be a better or more affordable way.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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