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Denver April Trip

I'll be heading out to Denver on April 12th for a work trip until the 15th and sadly do not have time to make it to Colorado Springs for Garden of the Gods. Are there sites people recommend on visiting while I'm there? I'm vaccinated but I prefer to not have to deal with crowds.

Places that I googled were Red Rocks Amphitheater, Botanical Gardens, Blue Bear (photo op), and the Arts District. I also heard about the Mount Evans Scenic Byway but I'm not sure if it's open. I'll more than likely be staying in the Waterton area. Recommendations for restaurants and food spots in general are appreciated.

Also, are there any good spots for stargazing that aren't too far from Waterton (maybe an hour tops)? I'm based out of DC so I'd love to do some astrophotography while I'm out there.

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