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Caught drinking alcohol off the clock at work underage.

So I haven’t officially been fired yet or anything but earlier this evening I went to my work to eat a meal with me and my 3 friends. 1 of these friends works at the restaurant with me while the other 2 are just friends. Them 3 are all 21 while I am 20. Anyways, the guy serving us was on his first day of being at tables alone serving. My 3 friends all order margaritas while I just get a water. All 3 of their IDs were checked too, obviously since I was only getting a water my ID was not checked. About 5 minutes later he brings out 4 margaritas all of us look at each other but don’t say anything. I then take 2 sips of the margarita placed in front of me then push it away from me. Fast forward 10 minutes the general manager of the restaurant comes up to the table with all our tabs and tells us to pay and get out and tells me all my shifts are covered for the weekend now and not to come into work until Tuesday (it’s currently Wednesday). I end up having to pay for a $35 tab and am not allowed to eat the food I ordered, also she put the margarita that I never asked for on my tab. I get I messed up and put the restaurant in a bad situation, I take responsibility for what I’ve done. But I just wanted to hear y’all’s thoughts on this because I feel the restaurant is at fault too, I never would have drank the margarita at all if it weren’t brought out to me when I never asked for it. Do you think I will be fired for this?

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