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Busiest weekend we’ve had all year, and I had to deal with rude and impatient customers.

TLDR: Rude family wants more free food on the busiest day of the year

Maybe I’m already becoming burnt out of this industry because I’m finding it more and more difficult to be kind to unreasonable, entitled, and rude customers. I live in a college town and it was move in weekend for students, so our towns population increased by about 40,000 people not counting the parents that were in town for their kids. We were more slammed than we’d been in over a year due to Covid, and had already done record sales by 7 pm. We had over an hour wait for entrees and about 30 minutes for appetizers, which was communicated to customers by our host. Servers were also making sure customers knew this before getting their order. All my servers had already been flipping tables nonstop for at least six hours and we were all extremely tired. By this time I had already been there for eight hours, already staying past my original shift (I ended working 11 hours total) and was exhausted after serving lunch and dinner rushes. Family of 5 comes in, is informed of the food wait, and gets seated. Later one of the servers comes to me telling me that they are upset about the food wait and they had canceled an appetizer they had put in because it was taking too long and they didn’t want it anymore. However the salad had already been made by the kitchen and so we decided to bring it out to the table anyway to try and make them happy and because they were angry about the wait, and being incredibly rude to my server. Snapping at her and demanding things from her so much that other tables nearby mentioned it to her (and later me in passing when the family asked for a manager). So so literally as I’m carrying this family‘s food to their table the father is getting up to come and talk to me. After setting down the food I go over to him and he tells me he’ll talk to me later since they’re eating. The father then comes up to me telling me that it’s unacceptable for the food to have taken that long and they never would’ve eaten at my work if they thought that it was going to take that long. I informed them of the situation with the college students and how he we have been busy all day and how my host had in fact been informing people that we had an over an hour food wait. I had already confirmed with the host that they had been told of the wait and I had also confirmed with the server that she had put their food in right away. The ticket time in our POS said that their food came out in less than an hour, despite the father claiming that it’d been an hour and a half. So at this point I knew this dad just wanted to get free food for his family and so I informed him that we had given the salad to him complimentary for the ‘inconvenience’. He said no that’s not enough I want more taken off. I’m a new manager so I am not very good with confrontation and so I just told him I was going to go talk to the other manager on shift. This manager has been in the industry for about 20 years, is much more experience than me and knew that we just need to make this guy happy and get him out of here so we decided to take the drinks off of his tab, totaling about $10 off of $130 bill, totaling about $115 after taking off the salad. He tipped the server $2. I felt awful because I feel like there was more I could’ve done to just make these people happy but we all came to the conclusion tonight that there’s just some people that you cannot make happy. They wanted an excuse to get free food and they got it. I hope $20 was worth making an ass out of yourself to the wait staff and embarrassing your family in front of the other patrons. He told me “my daughter is going to school here in town so I’m gonna be coming back here a lot and this is unacceptable”. Ok? If it’s so bad please don’t come back.

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